Thursday, January 6, 2011

Singapore Math Teaching Method

Singapore Approach Research Base

Singapore Math - Mathematics Curriculum

Singapore math can be characterized by the following factors:

-> Spiral approach: Singapore math is spiral in its structure.

-> Sequence of introduction of concepts: The teaching method that Singapore math model follows goes from concrete via pictorial to abstract.

-> Intelligent sequence of repetition of previous knowledge: The amount of repetition is minimal in Singapore mathematics.

-> Crisp focus on understanding of core mathematical concepts free from redundancies: The nature of the study is exploratory, and the child asks and gets answer to the fundamental "why" questions rather than semi-grasping vague ideas without deep knowledge.

5 points to remember:

(1) emphasis on problem solving
(2) developing students' metacognition and positive approach and attitudes toward math
(3) reflection - thinking about thinking, communicating our approaches
(4) fewer topics at greater depth
(5) concrete to pictorial to abstract

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