Thursday, March 24, 2011

Train Your Brain Like a Champ

Memory Champion Joshua Foer Reveals Secrets of the Brain
Building a Memory Palace Isn't Just a Parlor Trick, It Can Help in Daily Life

The Memory Champion
2008 USA National Memory Champion, Chester Santos, prepares to defend his title.

Leaner Body Makes for Better Memory
A study finds that verbal memory increases with weight loss.
Healthy Life.
Your Diet Can Improve Your Memory.

Multitasking May Harm Memory
Also, Men With MS May Be More Likely to Pass It On

Amazing Memory Man Brain Being Tested By Scientists
Scientists Are Studying Brad Williams' Superior Memory

For more information about Brad Williams, e-mail

The Earliest Fetal Memory?
Dutch Doctors Say the Unborn may Have Memories by the 30th Week of Pregnancy

Jill Price: The Woman Who Can't Forget

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