Sunday, October 31, 2010

Math in the News

The Mathematics of Terrorism

Seemingly random attacks contain an unexpected regularity: the same numerical pattern seen in Wall Street booms and busts.

The Math Behind Beauty

Computer scientists make progress on math puzzle

The friendly way to catch the flu: 'Friendship paradox' may help predict spread of infectious disease

Using mathematics to identify the good guys

Dealing with the unexpected

To regain balance from an unexpected slip on the ice can require an abundance of rapid movement, but conscious thought isn't part of the equation.

Microorganisms offer lessons for gamblers and the rest of us

When it comes to gambling, many people rely on game theory, a branch of applied mathematics that attempts to measure the choices of others to inform their own decisions. It's used in economics, politics, medicine -- and, of course, Las Vegas. But recent findings from a Tel Aviv University researcher suggest that we may put ourselves on the winning side if we look to bacteria instead.

Women's choices, not abilities, keep them out of math-intensive fields

An Exhibition That Gets to the (Square) Root of Sumerian Math

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